Family… where life begins and love never ends

I want you to walk past the family photos on your wall and smile EVERY day. It’s a living history and it’s your gift to your children, and their children. In those photos, you can see family, and love, and joy.
As you walk down the hallway you can see your children growing up before your eyes. You can see the way your son cuddled into your neck when he was just a little baby. You can still remember the time when he had fluffy duckling hair. You can see your daughter’s smile as she held her baby brother, and her delight while being tickled by Daddy. You can see the special bond your children share. You can see their little personalities shining through. You can see the love in your husband’s eyes as you share a warm embrace.
This is what being a mother and a wife is all about. Holding on to and treasuring all these tiny moments. You are the keeper of memories.
Portrait photographers are not only artists but timekeepers, too, preserving today’s memories for tomorrow’s generation. As families grow, we encourage members of each generation to gather together so that we may create a portrait that captures and preserves the personalities of family members, old and young, for posterity. The best time to gather everyone together for a family portrait… is now.

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