Congratulations! You’re engaged

As well as the couple getting familiar with being in front of the camera, couples end up loving the engagement photo session experience because it is fun and nowhere near as intimidating or daunting as they first imagined. Plus couples are rewarded with some beautiful images. Often it’s their first professional portraits together as a couple.

To help you get comfortable in front of the camera before your wedding day, I strongly recommend an engagement photo session. This also allows us the opportunity to get to know each other better, and for you to be comfortable with how I work with you on your wedding day, which will result in more natural photographs and a much more relaxed wedding day, because you will feel like I’m already part of your circle of friends.

I strongly believe good chemistry and communication between a photographer & a couple, along with expert camera skills and experience is the difference between happy-snaps and professional photographs. Most of my wedding couples feel much more at ease going into their wedding day after having an engagement portrait session with Kerry MacMaster Photography.

Engagement sessions can take place at your favourite location, the spot where he originally proposed, or somewhere unique and special to the two of you. The end result is we get some great images that can be used for your engagement announcements, wedding invitations, table decorations or a guests signing book, as well as knowing that your wedding photography is in safe hands.

Contact Kerry to book your engagement session.