Trash the Dress

Trash the dress sessions (also know as Glam the Dress, Drown the Gown, Rock the Frock and probably many more) are an exciting opportunity to create dramatic bridal imagery. Brides (and grooms!) are able to try extremely creative posing and visit locations that they weren’t able to on their wedding day. Laying down on the grass, climbing through a rainforest, and certainly getting wet or sandy on their special day isn’t normally on the list of “Things To Do” on your Wedding day. A Trash the Dress session however, opens up the creative floodgates! Don’t let the name fool you… your dress usually looks as good as new after a quick dry-clean!
Brides and grooms love this unique photo session! It allows them to relax, have fun, and create stunning images to add to their Wedding albums, without the pressure of keeping their clothes perfectly clean for the Reception.
The shoot is almost always done post wedding. Either the day after the wedding, the week after the wedding, a year after the wedding etc. If you are having a destination wedding, you should definitely do it the day after, as it’s a great opportunity to get more beautiful photos in unique & amazing locations.
The options for creating art with your wedding dress are endless and are really only restricted by your imagination. Water is a popular option as it doesn’t damage the dress. Beaches, lakes, rivers and waterfalls make great locations. Incorporating paint, food, or coloured powder are other interesting options.
Why not combine the Trash the Dress session with a passion or activity that you both love. If you surf, then we grab your surfboards and hit the beach. If you are a rock climber, then we get you climbing. If you love horses, then we get you riding. If you are a builder, lets go to a building site. If you are a wine maker, lets stomp on some grapes. If you are a fitness junkie, then let’s hit the weights room. The possibilities are endless!
Another idea to consider for Trash the Dress is to go to a unique location that you would never have been able to go to on your wedding day. It could be as unique as going into the desert and shooting around Uluru (Ayers Rock). Or just heading into the local national park for some photos in nature. Think of the most amazing location and then imagine wedding photos there.
Of course, the Trash the Dress session doesn’t just have to be for the bride. Bring your new hubby along for some romantic, adventurous photos away from the stress of the wedding day.
Even if we haven’t photographed your wedding, you can still book a Trash the Dress session with Kerry MacMaster Photography. It’s super popular with honeymooners, too!

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